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                 Total GLR-27 nos. (Available 26 nos.)

Note: One volume of GLR comprising Survey no. 322/1 to 322/100 was seized by CBI; Patna in 1995 is connection of a case of mutation of a temple in name of a individual.


·         Total no. of Lease-61

·         No. of Leases renewable-54

·         No. of Non-renewable Lease-07

·         No. of Expired Leases-54

·         Public notice issued to offer their option

·         For renew the expired Leases:13.03.2008

·         No. of options received till date: 21 nos

·         All individuals who offered options are required to get their names mutated in GLR: They have been  asked to tender their application for Mutation.

·         Letters have been issued to all remaining lessee to tender their option for renew their leases and for mutations.

                            A team have been formed for processing the lease.