Danapur Cantonment Board
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     About us

One Poly Clinic is running by Cantonment Board, Danapur. 4 (Four) Doctors are available in the poly clinic. There is 1 (One) Compounder and 1 (One) Aya in the poly clinic.

Doctors are:-

                (1)          SH. RAMESH MAHASETH (PHYSICIAN)

                (2)          SH. P.P. GUPTA (PHYSICIAN)

                (3)          SMT. KANCHAN LATA (GYNAECOLOGIST)

                (4)          SH. O.P.DAS (HOMEOPATHIC)

There is no charge for Cantt Board staff. The charge for outside patient is Rs. 5. The medicine given to the patient is free of cost.

The timing is from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.