Danapur Cantonment Board
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Public Works

 Light Arrangement:


(a)          High Mast in 11 places (11nos).  (i) Turhatoli Pul

                                                                                (ii) Hathikhana More

                                                                                (iii) MES Pulia

                                                                                (iv) Hospital More

                                                                                (v) Bus Stand

                                                                                (vi) Supply Depot Gate

                                                                                (vii) Arrah Golumbar

                                                                                (viii) Bihar House Gate

                                                                                (ix) MH Gate

                                                                                (x) Kariappa Park

(b)          Street light: All main roads & branch roads have been provided with two street lights (about 500 in nos).


                 The physical infrastructure in terms roads has been improved. The areas with Kucchhaa roads have been converted into PCC/tarmac. Both bituminous and PCC roads have been developed/widened to cater to the needs of increasing traffic in all the  wards by the Boards. Along with roads, provision of road signates, pathways, foot paths, roads side sit outs has also been made. 


                 All major and minor drains are repaired by the Board. Kucchha drains desilted. Expressions of interest have been called to prepare and implement plan of underground drainage/sewerage system in Danapur Cantonment, to arrest the problem of water-logging/drainage faced every year during monsoon.


                 The parks developed by Danapur Cantonment Board are lungs of Danapur and surrounding areas. There are 2 Garden running by Cantonment Board, Danapur. One is situated in Marshal Bazaar and one is in Barrack Ground. The Beautification of Marshal Bazaar Garden is in progress. Every day thousands of people, not only from Danapur Cantt but outside areas also throng to these parks, to experience the magic of fresh air, while strolling on the walking plaza, listening to music and exercising on the fixtures all developed and provided by the Board. Plantation of trees, plantation on road side patches have been carried out by the Board. Public awareness about non-use of plastic or other non-recyclable material, ban on plastic poly bags etc been carried out by the Board.